JACOB SAMSON OF SHEPETOVKA (d. 1801), rabbi and ḥasidic leader. A celebrated talmudist, he served as rabbi of Shepetovka, Slavuta, and Bar. He was a disciple of dov baer of mezhirech and phinehas shapiro of korets . His reputation for scholarship advanced the cause of Ḥasidism among rabbis and scholars. Semilegendary stories attest the impression he left on the greatest rabbis of his generation. He helped to spread Ḥasidism by selling the books of his teacher jacob joseph of polonnoye . In later years he apparently became a follower of baruch b. jehiel of medzibezh . He went to Ereẓ Israel (1799?), settling in Tiberias where he died. Some of his halakhic works are referred to in books by contemporaries. A booklet entitled Divrei No'am (also other names), describing a (probably legendary) dialogue between him and R. Ezekiel Landau of Prague, was popular among Ḥasidim. -BIBLIOGRAPHY: Horodetzky, Ḥasidut, index; Dubnow, Ḥasidut, index. (Adin Steinsaltz)

Encyclopedia Judaica. 1971.

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